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                                                 the Picu uriellu is the dominant mountain in the heart of the Picos de europa. You can reach the shelter at the base of the mighty west wall in a three hour climb from Sotres through an impressive landscape of mountain pastures and rocks.
I have known the Picos de Europa for a long time. Fifteen
Léon, Reinosa, Oviedo and Bilbao. Together with my father, I hiked to Bulnes to see the magical shape of the Picu Urriellu close up.
years ago, I travelled to these mountains on my  rst lecture
tour in Spain. Although it was in November,
Not to understand how I could climb it, no, I was much more interested in the aura of this mountain. I wanted to be enchanted by it. That’s the best way to get a project going.
even in winter you can feel the special aura of these mountains.
After meeting Adam, these memories were
And it was a real coincidence that just a short time afterwards, a certain Fabian Buhl came to me and started to talk about this
revived and, in November 2014, I made my way to
Asturias between my speeches in
mythical Sueños de Invierno route. >>

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