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                                                                      I  rst met Ian nearly 30 years ago
at Waterval Boven in Mpumalanga, the now famous climbing area, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. We bumped into each other at the base of the crag, and although we had heard of each other, we had never previously met. We got on well and climbed a few routes together, and I was somewhat taken by this gentle and easy-going dude, with a very friendly disposition.
of mountaineering and sailing around the world, and also with his great knowledge of the stars.
One particularly  ne moment we
had together was at the time of his 59th birthday (10 Jan 2016). Willie Koen (whose birthday is only two days before Ian’s), Ian and I, decided to climb a route called Meandrethal, on Rooiberg in the Cederberg, to celebrate his birthday. We walked up to the crag in the  rst light of a hazy dawn, sat at the base and shared a cup of tea, while checking out the route. It was one of those perfect days – T-shirt climbing
in the shade on a windless morning with black eagles circling overhead. What more could you ask for? As the climbing progressed, I could feel how excited Ian was about being on this great route. He was  lled with elation about the quality of the moves, the rock and the positions we found ourselves
in – truly appreciating everything about
  We then went our separate ways
– he lived in Jo’burg, and I in Cape Town – and it would be about 25 years before we met again, when Ian took
an early retirement and moved to Cape Town. He contacted me soon after he settled, and our friendship grew quite quickly. We climbed together and also spent some great weekends in the hills, particularly the Cederberg, where we would sit around the  re deep into the night, shooting the bull and planning our routes for the next day.
Some great memories with ian at houdenbek, cederberg. Photos willie koen
 Ian was a great storyteller, and he would often entertain us with his tales
the day.
  We’re out there...
                                                                                                   Trekking in the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, Central Patagonia during the MCSA 125th Anniversary Expedition. Photo Thomas Magg
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